A Connect Detroit Sign Made by Students

  • Pandemic Impact Listening Session— This  report is the result of an April 30, 2020 listening session hosted by Connect Detroit to better understand our community partners’ challenges and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Why and How of Collaboration — This document provides a list of reasons why collaborating is in your best interests, and provides practice-based tips on how to be successful at working with other organizations.
  • Connect Detroit’s Top Ten Grant Writing Tips — These ten tips will help you become a more successful grant writer.
  • Navigating Turbulent Times — This report, written by Connect Detroit, is the product of a series of listening sessions convened by Connect Detroit in 2009 to better understand the impact that the recession was having on the area’s nonprofit service providers.
  • Chronicle of City Connect Detroit, 2001-2006 — This report, written by Connect Detroit, chronicles the results of the agency’s 2001-2005 demonstration program, which led to the continuation of Connect Detroit as a permanent community capacity for change-making.
  • Investing in Detroit: Philanthropy Report (1994-2001) — This report on philanthropy in Detroit provided one of the foundational documents on which Connect Detroit (then City Connect Detroit) was born when it was written in 2001.


  • Building Skills through Summer Jobs– This report from JPMorgan Chase Foundation provides a detailed review of national youth employment challenges and resources through the lens of the foundation’s funded jobs programs.
  • Partnerships for Summer Youth Employment – This U.S. Conference of Mayors report describes leading youth employment programs across the United States, including Detroit’s own Grow Detroit’s Young Talent initiative.
  • Investing in a Future that Works: Preparing Detroit’s Young Talent for the Dynamic World of Work – This report, written by Connect Detroit and developed in partnership with the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce and the University of Michigan, describes the current state of youth employment in Detroit and provides policy recommendations for improving youth employment conditions.
  • Grow Detroit’s Young Talent 2011 Program Summary – This report, written by Connect Detroit, describes outcomes of the 2011 Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program and fundraising campaign, managed by Connect Detroit on behalf of the Detroit Youth Employment Consortium.
  • Innovating Under Pressure – This report from the U.S. Department of Labor describes Detroit’s innovative response to the rapid scaling of youth employment resources under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


  • The Council of Michigan Foundations – This trade group of Michigan foundations maintains an online presence with information about foundation giving throughout the state.
  • The Foundation Center – This national organization provides information and resources related to grant making by foundations.
  • – This online portal provides near one-stop access to government grant opportunities.