Connect Detroit provides platforms for community change. The agency brings organizations and their people together to solve local problems and connect them with resources to realize those solutions.

As an intermediary organization, Connect Detroit often plays a backbone role. That may include staffing, providing strategic counsel, or fiduciary services.


Connect Detroit is proud to have had a role in the following completed initiatives. Some of these programs still exist, spun off into their own entity:


Data Driven Detroit (D3)

Data Driven Detroit (D3) Data Driven Detroit (D3) is a community initiative to expand access to shared data that can be used for neighborhood planning and fund development. The Initiative developed into an LC3 that continues access to necessary data for positive community change. Participants in Michigan Active projects Provided to Community Organizations CHANGE A LIFE TODAY Become a funding partner. CONTACT DONATE


Food and Fitness Collaborative

The Food and Fitness Collaborative is a community initiative to expand access to healthy food and recreation opportunities in Detroit. The Collaborative expanded community garden projects and improved school-based lunch programs. It also drafted the Complete Streets regulations for Detroit.



DLIVE provides social services to young adults who are hospitalized as a result of violence, and expanded trauma care for youth who are victimized in Detroit.